My World (Unsigned Album)

14. Januar 2011 - Leave a Response

New Tracks in my  Promo Album for free listening and download!

11 Songs for every Sence of good electronic Music!

Enjoy the World of Chuck Rassel…


Mitropamusik Remix

11. Oktober 2010 - Leave a Response

Mitropamusik from Dresden in Germany send me a remix

request for his remix contest… this is my contingent:

First Official Remix

24. September 2010 - Eine Antwort

This is my first requested remix for Pluto Revolts from the USA

Thank you Ben for this great chance!


Chuck’s Music

30. Juni 2010 - Leave a Response

New Stuff



Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Melanchonic Remix)

4. April 2010 - Leave a Response

Here is the Sky – Speed Up Video of Chuck’s “Feel Good Inc.” Interpretation… Some kind of Chillout Minimal with the famous Vocal… Have Fun!



Chuck says hello…

15. März 2010 - Leave a Response

Now, Chuck Rassel is blogging for you, follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube or MySpace!